Saturday, November 7, 2009

My head sculpting video is up on!!

School is finished, work begun, now it is time to share what I know

I have a mind to share the little "secrets" I learned through grad school, and 11 years of being a working artist.

I want to help the younger artists get hold of the information I had to fight so hard to find.

My desire is not completely altruistic, when I share it, the information becomes sharper in my mind, and my work improves. So I help myself when I help others. This is a universal paradox, it does not only apply to art.

So, my plan is to share tips, and thoughts. If anyone emails questions about mold making, or casting, or armatures, I will answer it here for all to see.

I thing getting an MFA in sculpture is futile. The information you learn there however is valuable, so I will share it here, most of it for free.