Monday, January 10, 2011

FaceBook Changed My Life

Facebook Changed My Life- Social and viral marketing tips for creative professionals
By Adam Reeder (Alpine Works) -01/10/11

San Francisco-- I am a Sculptor who combines Greek Gods with tech objects: Zeus' iPhone, Pan's iPod, Atlas' giant iPod, Sleeping Gamer (with PS3 controller), Plus a few more. The thing is, Facebook did change my life.

I hope other creative professionals can be inspired by my tale. Social media marketing did change my life. It made me successful in the art world, which is known for being impossible to break into. Other creative professionals could as well if they knew how. Well, watch and learn.

In 2009, AFP news ran an editorial about my use of social media marketing. At the time, it was a big deal, because not very many artists were doing SMO.

Before I found Facebook, I had built up 2 online companies with my wife Carrie, an SEO guru (We have since sold both). So in 2007 it made sense to me, that social media could be an effective way to get traffic.

I am at it again adding to the Greek Gods combined with tech series. I have added these: Zeus' iPhone (Calling down the thunder), Plato's iPad, and Google's Earth (Android's open source power). (links below)

THIS TIME, the Artwork is part a deliberate viral marketing strategy. It consists of videos of the entire sculpture being made. Then they are sped up to 4 min!!

The videos are spreading around the net like hot cakes. It proves you don't have to have an MBA in marketing to be a viral marketing ninja!! (Though I do have an MFA).

These days, Facebook is saturated. Being an artist on Facebook is white noise. For me, social media and viral marketing are second nature. So this time I figured out how to stay ahead of my competition by using viral marketing tools.

Facebook did change my life, but it is no longer enough for marketing when used alone. The future of social media will include Facebook. However, it will involve more viral content, and the use of mobile devices (personal theory).

To me, the way people share viral content, and the paths it takes to get there is magic. It is creation pure and simple.

I hope this little blurb ignites some interest, and that my efforts can inspire other people to effectively leverage their social networks.

Adam Reeder



Google's Earth (Android's open source power)

Plato's iPad

Zeus' iPhone (calling down the thunder)

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